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UWC Tajikistan

Every year, students from different countries are selected to UWC colleges by the national committees of their countries. Currently, within the framework of the UWC, there are 140 National Committees in different countries around the world.

The UWC National Committee in the Republic of Tajikistan was founded in 2006. To date, more than 30 young people have received an education at UWC colleges, many of whom continued their education at leading universities throughout the world. The main goals of the UWC National Committee in the Republic of Tajikistan are to represent the UWC movement in our country, to support relations with graduates of UWC schools and colleges, and to select and nominate candidates from Tajikistan for UWC educational programs. The UWC National Committee of Tajikistan is part of UWC International Community

UWC national committees include graduates, teachers of UWC schools, education specialists, and public figures who share the UWC movement with gifted and active teens, inspiring them to enter a school or college, select candidates and prepare future students for further studies at UWC.

The system of national committees works with the support and guidance of the UWC international office, which is located in London. Its tasks are to determine the development strategy of the UWC movement, monitor the standards of training in colleges, the work of the network of national committees, and coordinate the international activities of UWC.

Our Purpose:

The UWC National Committee of Tajikistan exists to seek out, engage, and support the people who make up the UWC community in and from Tajikistan. We articulate and make relevant the UWC mission and values in the Tajiki context.

Our Principles:

  • Equity and Inclusion: The National Committee of Tajikistan (NCT) strives for equity of opportunity and active inclusion of diverse individuals and communities in its work.
  • Transparency and Communication: The NCT is committed to transparent conduct in its activities. To this end, the NCT strives for clear communication (internal, with volunteers, applicants, families, UWC colleges, etc.) as appropriate.
  • Value Relationships and Engagement: The NCT aspires to thoughtful and sustainable engagement with its stakeholders (e.g., volunteers, parents, regional chapters, alumni, etc.). The NCT seeks to be a good partner with all UWC colleges around the world.
  • Organisational Reflection: The NCT will draw on its past and change when warranted through institutional reflection at regular intervals.
  • Financially Sustainable: The NCT endeavours to be sustainable with its resources, financial and otherwise.